Exclusive, impressive and stunningly subtle. Will you help build our high-end Von Schmidt legacy?

Drive defines us

Feel the excitement on the road. Time and space are lost, when both hands are on the wheel. Experience the visual thrill, touch, aroma, handling, balance and luxury. Let Von Schmidt overwhelm your senses, as you hear and feel the characteristic flat 6 engine. It roars as you press the accelerator into life. Style defines us and what we strive for in life. Dare to dream and build that dream with us!
Automotive perfection in your hands.

The Von Schmidt

"Von Schmidt" cars are unique. They are the embodiment of the vision and creation of the Schmidt-Oss team. Developed from extensive experience, mastery and loyalty to the original concept, each car is built in combination with the technology of the Porsche brand. This ensures an unprecedented mix of the highest standard quality, perfection in detail and ultimate excitement.

Immerse yourself in a Porsche

Every Porsche driver knows how it feels. The many years of experience of the Porsche brand, the German technique and consistency in perfection make driving a Porsche a unique experience. Driving a Von Schmidt takes that experience to an even higher level. Discover and experience!

The Collection

It once started as a challenge to express all the specialist experience in one unique restomod. In the meantime, the Von Schmidt collection has grown into a sublime fleet of cars such as we rarely see. And we continue to do so. Curious about our collection and future plans? Let's find out!

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