Von Schmidt

Dare to dream

"Then you think of Von Schmidt. These exclusive high-end restomods are the pinnacle of customisation in the Netherlands. Every part is worked out to the finest detail. We have been building our legacy with Schmidt-Oss for 25 years. Our deep-rooted experience is reflected in unprecedented specialism. An endless fascination for technique makes our team of seasoned Porsche mechanics extremely strong. A Von Schmidt is more than a car. It is a goal. In other words: a dream with a deadline.

Frank Schmidt

Building trust

Schmidt-Oss has been rebuilding Porsche models since its inception. Through trial and error, they have tasted, tinkered with and smelt Porsche. That is why they know what works. From custom body kits and suspension systems to rebuilding engines and upholstering the interior. Frank and his team of top mechanics do everything themselves with Porsche's high quality standard as absolute priority. That is the key to an authentic Porsche experience in top gear. Will you build with us?  

Von Schmidt



VS 001

Our very first Von Schmidt project. The blueprint for a new adventure!


VS 002

Subtle, night blue and all custom Porsche wishes of the client, summarized into one project!


VS 003

Based on a 964 C4, this is the first Von Schmidt 4 Wheel drive!


VS 004

A color palette, inspired by Gulf racing, a real eye-catcher!


VS 005

The VS 005 sprayed in Speed Yellow will make your 70s dream more than worth it!


VS 006

Petrol Blue, brushed copper details and special wheel rims that will give new meaning to the word eye candy.


VS 007

Petrol blue, brushed copper details and different rims than you are used to!


US 008

Coming Soon


US 009

Coming Soon

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